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We believe tomorrow’s farms won’t look like the endless outdoor crop rows we remember and that the security and quality of our food will no longer be limited by an increasingly unpredictable climate or access to land. Instead, hyper efficient indoor farms will grow delicious and chemical free produce. At Root, we are on a mission to create the intelligent robots that will help growers build the farms of the future.

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of everything we do

Real-Time Detection 0:38

Our vision systems can “see” fruits and understand whether they’re ripe and ready to pick even in highly cluttered and complicated growing environments.

Gentle Touch 0:07

Our patent-pending grippers can reach deep into tangled vines and pluck a single ripe fruit without leaving a mark.

Intelligent Motion 0:09

Moving around inside of a plant requires more than just a gentle touch.  Our sensors see the world in full 3D and can use this information to plan just the right path to the target.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Why It Matters

Indoor farming represents a massive leap in progress toward true agricultural independence, sustainability, and efficiency.  At a modern greenhouse, reclamation of water, digitally controlled light, nutrients, and atmosphere mean that over 20x the amount of crop per acre can be produced with 90% less water than traditional methods.

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Our Team

At Root, we’re pushing the edge of what’s possible.  Building a better world will require fresh ideas, determination, and an awful lot of teamwork.  If solving hard problems and working with a tight knit team excites you, send us your info at

Josh Lessing

Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan Knopf

Co-Founder & CTO

Shreyas Aditya

Machine Learning Engineer

Jason Chrisos

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Michele Pratusevich

Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Begum Okutgen

Business & Ops Intern

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